The branding agency out of Franklin, Tennessee, had an awesome identity already but needed a fresh pair of eyes to bring it to the next level. Their fantastic lead designer had created the bones of the brand, but they wanted a continued evolution. I took Jonny's mark, added some motion, and incorporated different blackletter fonts, each representing the disciples. The gradient in all the pieces is inspired by stained glass and the idea of "bringing your story to light." Careful thought went into the identity system. Everything is built on a grid that can flex to be the foundation of each piece. There are 13 columns because of the 12 disciples plus Paul, and a "collect them all" mosaic featuring Saint Paul is on the back of the business cards. I loved getting to make some cool stuff with the folks over at Apostle.


• Animation
• Brand Development
• Illustration
• Logo Design
• Presentation Design
• Print Design


The Logo

I used 13 different blackletter typefaces (representing the 13 apostles) to create the animated logo. It can be used online and in presentations, while the static logo uses a signature "A" paired with a nice round sans serif. The blackletter and the modern type signify the varying abilities of the branding agency, marrying traditional and contemporary techniques.


In some of the pieces, there is a small yellow textured line. If you zoom in really close to it, it's the Apostle's Creed printed super tiny. It's masquerading as a decorative element but is secretly meaningful.


Presentation Template

I provided the Apostle team with several different gradients to flex across the whole system. I also built several different grids they could use and provided an instructional video on how to build and align the grid system. The grid system is mostly used in the presentation deck.

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